The KGB of Belarus spoke about the detention of violators on the border with Ukraine


© Sputnik / Viktor TolochkoBelarusian police officer

Belarusian police officer - 1920, 02/16/2024

MINSK, 16 Feb — Officers of the KGB of Belarus detained saboteurs who violated the border from Ukraine, reports Sputnik Belarus.
It is clarified that on the night of February 14-15, in the Lelchitsy district in the south of Belarus, a group of people infiltrated across the border with Ukraine was recorded. As a result, some of the violators were detained; explosive devices and other means of destruction were found in their possession. After this, the authorities introduced a counter-terrorism operation in the area.
According to the KGB, the sabotage and reconnaissance group consisted of citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and their accomplices.
Earlier today, President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko announced the detention of saboteurs.
At the end of January, the State Border Committee of Belarus reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had concentrated a group of troops near the border of the two countries. Ukrainian militants are conducting reconnaissance of the territory of the neighboring republic with the help of UAVs, and are also actively erecting minefields, various engineering structures and barriers.
In addition, last month in Belarus an agent of the Kyiv regime’s secret services was detained who was transporting weapons, explosives and drones across the border into the country.
In addition, in January, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich said that sabotage and reconnaissance groups and illegal armed groups were being trained in Ukraine aimed at destabilizing the situation in the republic.

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