The journalist spoke about the details of the US sabotage at Nord Stream


A well-known American journalist reported the details of a sabotage operation on Russian gas pipelines

American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh On February 8, in an article on his website, he reported on the details of sabotage by the US military on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

Demolition diver

Demolition diver

According to the journalist, in December 2021, the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States Jake Sullivan convened a meeting of a secret task force, at which he raised the question of the need to undermine gas pipelines. During the next few meetings, specific options for sabotage were discussed. The Navy proposed the use of a new submarine, and the Air Force – aerial bombs with delayed fuses.

As a result, it was decided to entrust the execution of the sabotage to a special group of demolition divers from the US Navy Diving and Rescue Center in Panama City, Florida. The group flew to Norway, where they acted in close contact with the Norwegian military sailors. The shallowest location of the pipelines was determined near the island of Bornholm.

The Norwegian warship, which entered the Baltic Sea under the pretext of the Baltops-2022 exercises, delivered divers to the place of sabotage. Scuba divers attached powerful explosives to gas pipelines. Initially, it was supposed to use fuses that were supposed to work after 48 hours. But then this option was rejected, since the explosions would have occurred too soon after the end of the Baltops-2022 exercises, which could raise suspicions about their connection with each other.

Therefore, another decision was made. The fuses with a timer were abandoned, replacing them with fuses triggered by remote control. After the right time, the Norwegian Navy aircraft threw a special sonar buoy into the sea, which activated the fuses.

Recall that on the night of September 26, 2022, several powerful explosions occurred on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, damaging them in three places.

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