The index of coffee with a sandwich in the first half of April fell to 98.4 points

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Coffee, citrus fruits and pastries - 1920, 04/22/2023

MOSCOW, 22 April – The index of coffee with a sandwich “(” Sandwich “), reflecting the picture of the consumption of popular breakfast foods by Russians, in the first half of April fell by another 3.6 points and amounted to 98.4 points.
The index was developed on the basis of data exclusively provided to the agency by specialists from the large analytical resource “Chek Index”. The “basket” for its calculation included seven goods – frequent guests on the morning tables of Russians: loaf (400 grams), ham (200 grams), butter (180 grams), cheese (200 grams), cucumbers (500 grams), instant coffee (95 grams), sugar (1 kilogram).
For products from this consumer “basket” analysts of “Index Receipt” regularly calculate aggregated impersonal sales indicators (average bill). The base 100 points are taken as the value of the “Coffee and Sandwich Index” in the period from 1 to 15 October 2022. Its change corresponds to the arithmetic mean of the dynamics of the average check for each of the seven products.
For the period from April 1 to April 15, the average bill increased in comparison with the second half of March for sugar (by 1.8%, to 57 rubles) and butter (by 0.8%, to 131 rubles). It decreased for ham (by 11.8%, to 112 rubles), cucumbers (by 11.2%, to 143 rubles), coffee (by 3.5%, to 165 rubles) and cheese (by 1.3%, up to 155 rubles). At the same level, the average bill was preserved for a loaf (29 rubles).
Thus, the index decreased by 3.6 points compared to the previous two-week period and amounted to 98.4 points.
In the first half of April, Russians’ spending on goods from this set decreased, approaching summer levels, when the consumption of high-calorie food decreases, experts of the Index Check note.

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