The head of RAUIE noted the possibility of Russia to replace 85% of Western imports with supplies from Asia

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

China and other Asian countries are able to replace up to 85% of Russian imports that previously came from Europe and the United States, said in an interview RIA News Chairman of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RASPP) Vitaly Mankevich.

He recalled that Beijing has been Moscow’s main trading partner for 12 years. Trade between the countries last year reached a record $190 billion. In this regard, Mankiewicz noted that the potential of China and other Asian states will allow them to replace about 85% of the falling volume of Western imports.

Russia, according to the head of the RAUIE, is mainly oriented to small and medium-sized businesses in China. At the same time, some of these enterprises supply their products to the markets of the Middle East, Europe and Latin America, which indicates the competitiveness of the goods produced.


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