The guys from Penza wanted to earn 10 thousand by arson on the railway tracks, but they would receive 20 years in prison

A company of guys from Penza is facing up to 20 years in prison for sabotage on railroad tracks. As Life learned, an unknown person wrote to one of the future saboteurs on social networks and offered to set fire to the relay cabinets on the railway. Anonymous assured that the work was fast, but profitable, and estimated it at 40 thousand rubles. In addition, the “instructor” reassured the 16-year-old interlocutor that the police would definitely not find him and gave detailed instructions.

Although the desire for easy money stupefied the guy, he was afraid to commit a crime alone. So he got accomplices – three comrades, with whom the future saboteur decided to share the fee – 10 thousand each. For two days, young saboteurs set fire to equipment at the station, but this did not lead to a malfunction in the movement of trains or other serious damage.

Hopes to remain unnoticed were shattered when all four were identified by the security forces. A criminal case has been initiated under the article “Sabotage”, the maximum sentence for which is 20 years in prison. The teenager’s accomplices ended up in a pre-trial detention center, while he himself is still at home. The parents made a written commitment to look after the juvenile suspect.

Earlier, Life said that a resident of Buryatia set fire to the building of the local administration of the Investigative Committee. Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished. Law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene found a fragment of a footprint, and also seized a video recording, thanks to this evidence, as a result, they detained a 56-year-old suspect. At his house, they found the same shoes, a canister and a jacket.

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