The German authorities demanded from NATO allies to name the terms for the delivery of tanks to Ukraine

The German authorities invited European NATO partners to name specific obligations in the field of supplying Ukraine with Leopard-2 tanks in order to avoid refusing to transfer military equipment to Kyiv. This was reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday.

It refers to sources in the German government, which “requires European allies who have Leopard-2 tanks to formally take on specific and detailed obligations” to transfer this military equipment to Ukraine “by the end of the week.” This will allow moving to the preparation of supply plans at the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, scheduled for 14 February.

There is growing concern in the German government that the European allies will not be able to send enough military equipment to Ukraine to form two tank battalions (62 units).

On January 25, the German authorities confirmed that they would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and issue permission to other countries to re-export this equipment. According to the German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, Leopard 2 will be sent to Ukraine “before the end of March.” Britain, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and France also announced their intention to provide Western-made tanks to Kyiv. Kyiv expects to receive up to 140 tanks from 12 states as the first batch. The Ukrainian side demands fighters and submarines from Germany.

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