The gastroenterologist told how to overcome the addiction to sweets

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You can get rid of excessive cravings for sweets in three weeks. The main thing is to survive the strongest “withdrawal” on the first day of the diet. This was told by a gastroenterologist, hepatologist, candidate of medical sciences Sergey Vyalov.

“Any habit forms or disappears in about a month. Sometimes doctors give clearer terms: for example, 21 days. But this, of course, is a convention: it is unlikely that on the twenty-second day the desire for sweet food will disappear by magic, as if it never happened. Changes are taking place gradually.” “News” doctor’s words. At the same time, the strongest “breaking”, according to the specialist, should be expected on the first day. On the second and third days, the rejection will begin to happen much easier.

It will be easier to break the habit of sweets if relatives show solidarity and respect for the refusal of a relative from junk food. The sweet tooth itself should also not replenish its reserves with desserts, the doctor warns.

At the same time, Vyalov recommends not to go to extremes: if a person broke loose and ate a candy, this does not mean that you need to quit the diet. In such cases, it is worthwhile to reasonably approach a moment of weakness, show willpower and gradually continue the fight against a bad habit.

Earlier, nutritionist Elena Ignatikova said that hot peppers will not help you lose weight. According to her, there is a substance in chili that reduces the absorption of fatty acids. This results in less body fat. However, this process cannot be called active.

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