The FSB discovered illegal sales of crab worth 50 million rubles in Moscow restaurants

The FSB, during an inspection of Moscow restaurants, revealed the illegal sale of more than 8 tons of crab, reported September 11 TASS in law enforcement agencies.

Investigators have already questioned some of the restaurant staff whose illegal activities came to the attention of security forces. Also, as part of the criminal case, various examinations have been ordered and persons involved in the sale of crab in violation of the law have been identified.

According to the agency’s interlocutor, at the time of the initiation of a criminal case under paragraphs “a”, “b” of Part 4 of Art. 171.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (production, acquisition, storage, transportation or sale of goods and products without labeling by a group of persons by prior conspiracy on an especially large scale), the damage from the illegal sale of crab amounted to almost 50 million rubles.

The restaurateur’s network of establishments was subjected to inspection by operational employees. Boris Zarkov White Rabbit Family (WRF), clarified…

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