The Foreign Ministry spoke about the West’s view of exiting the conflict in Ukraine

MOSCOW, 21 Feb – The West is considering a way out of the conflict in Ukraine only through the prism of war; they intend to conduct military operations “to the bitter end,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin said in an interview, adding that so far neither Kiev nor Western countries have demonstrated a desire for negotiations.
The diplomat recalled that the self-prohibition imposed by Vladimir Zelensky on negotiations with the Russian leadership, established by his decree of September 30, 2022, has not gone away.
“In all these actions, Kiev is supported by the United States and other NATO countries, which, in spite of everything, do not stop pumping up the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons, training the Ukrainian military, providing intelligence data… The Westerners and their Kiev puppets cover up their aggressive plans with Zelensky’s “formula”, which is flawed by its nature, which has nothing to do with peace and represents a set of unrealistic ultimatums addressed to Russia,” he said.
The Deputy Foreign Minister noted that “empty, meaningless meetings in the Copenhagen format” are also being held, designed to expand the anti-Russian coalition by attracting as many countries as possible from the Global South and East, which are forced to support the mentioned “formula” through blackmail, deception and threats.
“All this does not contribute to the settlement, aggravates the situation and leads to prolongation of the conflict,” he concluded.

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