The forecaster told when the inhabitants of Central Russia to expect the arrival of spring

The forecaster told when the inhabitants of Central Russia to expect the arrival of spring

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It’s not worth counting on a good spring until the end of the first decade of April, said Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist at the Phobos weather center. broadcast on Sputnik radio. He stressed that heat and cold will replace each other.

The forecaster specified that the meteorological spring in the Central part of Russia usually comes at the end of March. At this time, the average daily temperature overcomes the mark of zero degrees, moving towards positive values. Before the terms of warming provided by nature, Tishkovets stressed.

He also said that the air temperature in spring may exceed the norm, but gradually this deviation will decrease. So March will be warmer than the accepted values ​​​​by three to four degrees, and April – by one or two. In May, the increase can be half a degree. “Heavy precipitation or significant deviations towards aridity are not yet expected,” the specialist added and recalled that forecasts for the season are 60-70 percent correct.

Meanwhile, the head of the Meteo prognostic center, Alexander Shuvalov, recalled that this week the thermometers in Moscow will drop to -10 degrees, in the region – to -15 degrees. According to him, which leads “360”, the temperature will change smoothly, only on Monday evening a jump is possible. Muscovites will meet Valentine’s Day with a thaw, and the next day, slight cold will return to the capital again.

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Nevskiye news”report that on February 13, heat will come to the Leningrad Region. The work week will start with light snow. The temperature will be from -1 to +4 degrees, the sun will come out.

Snowy working week is expected in the Voronezh region, informs infox. The anticyclone that brought clear and cold weather last week has left the region. According to forecasts of meteorologists, heavy rainfall is expected this working week. On the night of February 14, the thermometer will show -6 degrees, in the daytime warming up to 6 degrees is possible.


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