The expert called the reason for the ban on the entry of civilians to Artemovsk

Military analyst Onufrienko: Western media distorted the state of affairs in Artyomovsk

The American press is trying to “cross a hedgehog with a snake” – to pass off the objective impossibility of entering Artyomovsk as a humanitarian decision of the Ukrainian command to prohibit access to the city for unarmed people. About it IA REGNUM said on February 14 a military observer Mikhail Onufrienko.



Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

So he commented on the published The New York Times an article where, with reference to representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it was stated:

“Aid groups” and civilians do not have access to Bakhmut (this is how the Ukrainian side calls Artyomovsk) starting Monday… as the fighting continues to escalate.” According to the New York Times, banning civilians could mean “a prelude to the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, although the Ukrainian military insists that they retain control of the city”.

“In fact, the situation is as follows: the only road from Chasov Yar to Artyomovsk is shot through both from the north and from the south, – For his part, Onufrienko explained. – Movement along it is difficult, and at night, if possible, reinforcements are transferred to the city, and the wounded are taken out of the city. Therefore, firstly, there is no physical road for any of the civilians, and secondly, there are no such fools who would now go to Artyomovsk, where street fighting is taking place.

Therefore, the American media simply stated a fait accompli, which happened quite a long time ago, since no civilian enters the city. There is a distortion of the real picture, the interlocutor noted.

As for the “prelude to the withdrawal of troops”, the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is objectively determined by the nature of the hostilities and the successes of the Russian assault units in the Artyomovsk direction.

“The city is surrounded on three sides, the enemy is holding mainly part of the city to the west of the Bakhmutka River, while he is being pressed from the south,” Onufrienko pointed out. — Fighting is taking place directly at the city cemetery and at the Stupki railway station.

The RF Armed Forces are fighting in the south-west for the village of Krasnoe – aka Ivanovskoye – and Stupochki, and this is already south of Chasov Yar. “It is this that determines the imminent retreat of the remnants of the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and not at all a prelude. The offensive is proceeding quite systematically, ”- the interlocutor noted.

The expert concluded that, in general, the conclusion of The New York Times about the likely fall of the Artyomovsk garrison is correct, but the ban on entry “has nothing to do with this.”

Previously telegram channel WarGonzo military correspondent Semyon Pegov reported that after the liberation of the settlement of Krasnaya Gora, Russian assault units also “resolved the issue” with the strategically important village of Paraskovievka north of Artyomovsk. The M-03 highway was cut, and in this regard, “holding positions in Paraskoviyivka for the Ukrainian army is tantamount to suicide.”


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