The European Parliament spoke about the connection between the problem of Kosovo and the conflict in Ukraine

The fate of Kosovo will largely be determined in Ukraine. About this in an interview with Izvestia declared Croatian MEP Ivan Sincic.

“If Russia wins, it will be a huge defeat for NATO, the US and Europe, and therefore reduce their power. In this case, Kosovo will probably never gain full independence (Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008, Belgrade did not recognize it, like some other countries, including, for example, the Russian Federation, China, Spain and Slovakia). Alliance member countries may even reduce their military presence in Kosovo,” – said the deputy.

According to him, the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic is under great pressure in matters of Kosovo and sanctions against Russia.

“I won’t even be surprised if he eventually recognizes the independence of Kosovo, although the Serbian people will never forgive him for this,” added the MEP.

Vučić said earlier that the country’s authorities have not yet signed the latest Western proposals for a settlement in the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo. They involve the gradual entry of the territory into the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the UN without formal recognition of independence by Belgrade.

According to the Serbian President, the Prime Minister of the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti trying to pretend to be new Vladimir Zelensky.

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