The EU has approved the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, media write.

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — The EU approved the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, the agency reports. Reuters with reference to European sources.
About 200 companies and individuals fall under the new restrictions, but new industry measures are not included.
Brussels expects to adopt the 13th package of sanctions by the anniversary of the start of the special operation – February 24, but the media wrote that these would be rather symbolic measures.
After the start of the special operation, Western countries increased sanctions pressure on Russia. As Vladimir Putin noted, the policy of containing and weakening the country is a long-term strategy of the West, but the restrictions dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy. According to him, the main goal of the United States and its allies is to worsen the lives of millions of people.
Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that the country will cope with the sanctions pressure that the West began to exert several years ago and continues to intensify.
Russia also said that Washington and its allies lack the courage to admit the failure of economic restrictions. At the same time, opinions are increasingly heard in the West that the imposed sanctions are ineffective.

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