The dollar exceeded 73 rubles, the euro – 78 rubles. first time since April


The dollar and the euro are traded on the Moscow Exchange at a level above 73 rubles. and 78 rubles. respectively. The American and European currencies last reached such values ​​on April 25 and 27.

By 7:59, the dollar rose to 73.04 (+74 kopecks). The cost of the euro rose to 78.35 rubles. (+96 kopecks). The yuan has risen in price by 10 kopecks, to 10.77 rubles.

The current dollar and euro rates, as well as quotes of the main indices and stocks on the Moscow Exchange are available on a special page.

The euro exchange rate exceeded 77 rubles. for the first time since April 25 the day before, February 8. The weakening of the ruble takes place against the backdrop of a decrease in sales of foreign exchange earnings in the Russian market due to the introduction of restrictive measures against Russian oil and oil products.

On the weakening of the ruble – in the material “Kommersant” “Revenue did not come to the ruble.”

Leonid Uvarchev


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