The court ordered the insurance company to pay a fine, forfeit and compensation to Kurgan after an accident

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The AlfaStrakhovanie company was ordered to pay insurance compensation, a penalty, a fine and compensation for moral damage to a resident of Kurgan who suffered in an accident. This information is published on the website of the City Court.

“To recover from AlfaStrakhovanie JSC in favor of the citizen <…> insurance compensation in the amount of 24,100 rubles, a penalty in the amount of 20,000 rubles, a fine in the amount of 10,000 rubles, compensation for moral damage in the amount of 5,000 rubles. To recover from AlfaStrakhovanie JSC a state fee in the amount of 2,846 rubles to the budget of the municipality of Kurgan, ”the court decision says.

As a result of the accident, damage was caused to the car, which belonged to the plaintiff. Kurganets turned to the insurance company with a statement about the occurrence of an insured event, providing the necessary package of documents. Recognizing the citizen’s claims as legitimate, AlfaStrakhovanie JSC made the payment of insurance compensation. But the amount did not suit the man, after which he went to court.

URA.RU has already written about the incident, as a result of which the car of a resident of Kurgan was damaged in an accident. At the same time, the man received insurance, but considered it insufficient. The victim filed a lawsuit against the alleged culprit of the accident, from which he demanded more money.


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