The court in South Korea decided to let two Russians who fled from the mobilization into the country

The South Korean Incheon District Court ruled to cancel the decision of the migration service in relation to two Russians who were denied refugee status, the TV channel reports. KBS. In total, five Russians lived at the city airport for about four months. They fled to South Korea to avoid being called up for mobilization in their homeland.

In the fall of 2022, the Russians applied for refugee status, but the South Korean immigration service refused them, considering that unwillingness to be drafted into military service is not considered a basis for recognizing them as refugees. In October, the Russians filed a lawsuit against the decision of the service. Local human rights activists called on the South Korean government to let the men into the country, calling them “political refugees at risk of persecution.”

The two Russians who won the lawsuit are expected to leave the airport this week and prepare to receive refugee status. The claims of two more Russians are under consideration, the claim of the fifth was rejected without explanation, but he intends to appeal this.

The Korea Times wrote that two Russians arrived in Seoul in October, and three more in November. According to a court decision, on an appeal, Russians can be issued G-1 visas, which guarantee them a temporary stay in Korea until the end of the check for refugee status.

Laura Keffer


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