The court arrested two suspects in the case of a gas explosion in Novosibirsk

On February 10, the Central District Court of Novosibirsk placed Irina Urbakh and Yevgeny Kavun under arrest in a criminal case on an explosion of a gas-air mixture in a five-story residential building in Novosibirsk.

As Parlamentskaya Gazeta wrote, on the morning of February 9, a gas explosion occurred in one of the five-story buildings in Novosibirsk, which caused the collapse of two entrances. According to the latest data, 13 people died as a result. In a criminal case initiated after the tragedy, two were detained – 25- and 45-year-old residents of the Omsk region Yevgeny Kavun and Irina Urbakh, who were servicing the stoves in the house under the guise of employees of Mezhregiongaz service LLC.

The court ruled to place them under arrest until April 29, 2023.

According to Mir 24, the suspects performed technical work in the house illegally. So, Urbach was not employed at all. They replaced the hoses in the apartments, causing a gas leak that subsequently caused an explosion.

The head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin took the investigation of the criminal case under his personal control. He instructed to report to him on the progress of the investigation. Today in the Novosibirsk region declared mourning in connection with the incident.

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