The collapse of Kyiv will mean the loss of the West to Russia, the Foreign Ministry said

MOSCOW, 21 Feb – The collapse of Ukraine due to the lack of Western funding will mean the West’s loss in the fight against Russia, this opinion was expressed in an interview by Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Galuzin.
“Today the Ukrainian army exists only thanks to Western military support. In Kyiv they admit that without it the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to hold out for 1-2 months,” he said. “The rhetoric of foreign sponsors of the Zelensky junta is gradually changing,” Galuzin added.
According to him, “if not so long ago they declared, not without pathos, that they would support Ukraine as long as needed, now they speak out more restrainedly – as much as available capabilities allow.”
He recalled that “it was not easy for the EU to agree on a new tranche for Kyiv in the amount of 50 billion euros for 2024-2027.” “As a result, most of it – 33 billion euros – will be provided in the form of loans and borrowings,” noted the Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
According to him, “debates continue in the US Congress regarding the allocation of a $60 billion aid package to Ukraine.” “No matter how they end, one thing is clear: the Kiev regime has become for Westerners a “suitcase without a handle,” which is hard to carry and a pity to abandon,” explained the senior diplomat. He believes that “NATO countries, led by Washington, intend to continue to keep the Ukrainian political project afloat, imposing the heaviest social and economic costs on their own population.”
“Otherwise, its collapse will mean a fiasco for the West in the fight against Russia,” Galuzin emphasized.
“They don’t want to admit that the dream of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on our country is unrealistic,” added the deputy foreign minister.
“As Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson: “This is impossible by definition, this will never happen,” Galuzin concluded.

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