The Chinese press was horrified by the details of sabotage at Nord Stream

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Damage to Nord Stream

The Chinese press was amazed at the details of the preparations by the United States to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Republican observers say the world should reassess the US role in politics as its involvement in terrorism is now more apparent. Journalists wrote about this in the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu.

“Honestly, the general suspicions about the United States are not groundless, the details that have been revealed still give goosebumps. During the debate in Washington, the focus was not on whether to blow up Nord Stream, but on how not to leave evidence, ”the journalists said. article for the Chinese press.

According to the report, the United States was preparing a sabotage long before the conflict in Ukraine began. Now in China they are discussing that the world community should reconsider its attitude towards the Americans, because “the destruction and attack on infrastructure facilities is a heinous act of a terrorist nature.” The world community should put pressure on the United States and get new evidence of involvement in sabotage, summed up in the Chinese press.

Earlier, American journalist Seymour Hersh conducted an investigation into the involvement of the United States in blowing up the Nord Stream. He managed to find out that a working group was formed under the leadership of the CIA in Washington, which was developing an operation during which divers were supposed to plant explosives. It is assumed that it was later activated by a third party.

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