The Chief of Staff of the French Ground Forces praised the level of training of Wagner PMC fighters

Federal News Agency / Alexander Vasiliev
Federal News Agency / Alexander Vasiliev

Paris, 13 February. Chief of Staff of the French Land Forces, General Pierre Schill appreciated combat readiness of Wagner PMC units in Ukraine and Africa.

According to the top military leadership of the Fifth Republic, “musicians” are a formidable adversary. They are ready pay at any cost to achieve victory.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the fighters are carrying out the task of ensuring security on the territory of certain African countries. The head of the Foreign Ministry highly appreciated their level of professionalism.

Russian specialists, who are often referred to as Wagner PMCs, advise the personnel of the armies of Mali (FAMa) and the Central African Republic (FACA). Thanks to the activities of domestic instructors, the Central African units restored peaceful life in the west of the republic.

Earlier, Moscow’s representative in Bangui, Alexander Bikantov, said that employees of the Commonwealth of Officers for International Security (COS) made a great contribution to normalizing the situation in the region. The diplomat stressed that such successes are directly related to the military-technical cooperation between the two countries.

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