The cause of Kostomarov’s disease could be extreme stress


Until now, it is impossible to say exactly what provoked a sharp deterioration in the health of the Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov, but intense training a week before hospitalization, as well as hidden illnesses, could greatly undermine the athlete. About this in conversation with said the endocrinologist and resuscitator Zukhra Pavlova.

During his tour with the show “The Wizard of Oz” skater played 30 performances and some of them in the cold. The doctor noted that everything that happened should teach one thing: you can’t forget about occupational and rest hygiene.

“If you work so hard, then colossal efforts are required from the body, even from a trained one. There is a “failure of adaptation”: this is a state when the adrenal glands cannot ensure the work of the body. So it turns out that even the disease that Roman Kostomarov would have endured quite calmly , if he didn’t have such an overstrain, turned into a heavy drama, “- explained the endocrinologist.

Which virus caused pneumonia in Kostomarov has not been confirmed, but extreme stress can lead to unpredictable consequences. The doctor also cited the cases of Yulia Nachalova and Yuri Shatunov as an example and emphasized that there are always hidden reasons behind the “sudden death syndrome”.


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