The case of the rebellious Tyumen invalid will be dealt with by the representative of the ONF Omutnykh

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Disabled Anatoly Minin, who organized protests in front of the building of the prosecutor’s office of the Tyumen region, will receive support from Dmitry Omutnykh, a doctor and expert from the All-Russian People’s Front. This became known from a live broadcast that was broadcast on the website of the movement on February 13.

“You, please give me the contacts of those employees with whom you communicated. In any case, we are now contacting the Ministry of Health and the Social Insurance Fund <…> and we will certainly work on your issue. I think, firstly, they will conduct a second medical and social examination <...> to help you with services, constant patronage – this is a paramount task, ”Omutnykh said after the disabled person’s story.

He also commented on the story of Minin, who complained that now there is practically no care for him. “These employees [социальной службы] Of course, it would not hurt to imagine yourself in such a situation, God forbid, of course, when someone comes twice a week for an hour, brings some food and, of course, does not have time to do anything in an hour. This is unrealistic, care is not done in one minute, especially with your disease, ”added Omutnykh.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that Anatoly Minin was immobilized in 2015 and has not been able to receive social assistance from the authorities for a long time. According to the man, he has to starve. Because of these problems, he twice staged pickets in front of the prosecutor’s office. The second time he sat down in front of the office being naked.

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