The British were outraged by the desire of Ukraine to quickly get into the European Union

Residents of the UK expressed dissatisfaction with the expectation of an early accession of Ukraine to the European Union. In the Financial Times, under the relevant article, readers left their comments.

European Union

European Union

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Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olga Stefanishina in the article appealed to avoid “negative messages” about the country’s prospects for joining the EU. She believes that Kyiv “very fast» is advancing on the path of reform.

The British called Ukraine a corrupt country with boorish habits.

“You won’t find friends with such a mentoring tone and boorish manners. Someone is going to be very disappointed.”wrote Huginn and Mininn.

“Ukraine will simply undermine the single market,” says Mister Mister.

“It is difficult to imagine countries more corrupt than Ukraine and Georgia. They have nothing to do in the alliance,” E Blois responded.

“To eradicate ingrained corruption, it will take a whole generation, if not more. Another worrying moment is Ukraine’s excessive dependence on the US and the UK. Is it possible that glamorous photo shoots with the charismatic Zelensky turned their heads to everyone? Sarah P is surprised.

As reported IA REGNUMnegotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union will begin in 2023, Olga Stefanyshina said.


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