The bridge across the Zatoka of the Odessa region was attacked by a surface drone – Ukrainian public


The bridge across Zatoka, Odessa region, connecting Ukraine with Romania, was attacked today by a surface kamikaze UAV from the Black Sea. The video of the incident was posted by Ukrainian Telegram channels. As a result of the attack, the load-bearing supports of the structure were damaged.

Video: TC “Military Informant”

“2 hours ago, the bridge in Zatoka was attacked ON THE SUPPORTS by a water drone that emerged from the darkness not far from the bridge.
The information is 100% correct, ”Typical Odessa” reports.

It is also noted there: “To be honest, we did not even know that such weapons could be used in the Russian Federation. The drone came from approximately the direction of the Black Sea. You’ll see it all over the news soon. Or maybe not)”.

Recall that the bridge across Zatoka in the Odessa region was previously repeatedly attacked by the Russian Armed Forces with Kalibr missiles and was permanently restored with short breaks in operation.

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