The authorities will help residents of the house that exploded in Novosibirsk to close the mortgage

In the near future, the mayor’s office of Novosibirsk plans to hold talks with banks on the subject of recognizing a gas explosion in an apartment building that occurred last week as an insured event and the basis for closing a mortgage for those who had it. |  EMERCOM of Russia Main Directorate for the Tula Region | EMERCOM of Russia Main Directorate for the Tula Region

Such an instruction was given by the head of the city Anatoly Lokot to the relevant committees at an operational meeting. On February 5, as a result of a domestic gas explosion in a house, 13 people died, one went missing, and six more are being treated in hospitals of medical institutions, recalls the online publication

How many loans are planned to be closed and for what amount, has not yet been reported. Currently, the main issue with which the victims turn to the city authorities is the provision of housing. Currently, a decision is being prepared to recognize the house as emergency, after signing it by the mayor of the city, measures will begin to resettle people on an ongoing basis. So far, the victims have been accommodated in a temporary dormitory of the maneuverable fund.


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