The authorities explained how to become the guardian of the child of relatives in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

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In order to become the guardian of a child of a relative in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, documents are initially required that will provide grounds for this. As reported to URA.RU in the district department of education, you need to apply with the guardianship authorities at the place of residence.

“First of all, you need to prepare documents that will become the basis for you to be recognized as a possible guardian. To do this, it is necessary to contact the guardianship and guardianship authorities at the place of residence and submit an application expressing a desire to become a guardian for a minor or obtain an opinion on the possibility of being a candidate for guardians, ”they specified.

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Together with the application, a resident of the YaNAO who wants to become a guardian must provide a package of documents

Together with the application, a resident of the YaNAO who wants to become a guardian must provide a package of documents. It includes: a short biography of the future guardian, a certificate from the place of work, information about the position and average salary for the last year, it is possible to provide another supporting document. Information about the work of the spouse or spouse of the future guardian is also required. It also provides information on wages for the last 12 months.

“A conclusion is required on the results of a medical examination of citizens who intend to take under guardianship in a foster or foster family orphans and children left without parental care, drawn up in the manner established by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. If the future guardian is married, then provide evidence, ”they added.

Further, it is necessary to attach the consent of adult children, as well as those who have reached the age of ten, if they live in the family. If you are not a close relative of the child’s parents, then you need a copy of the certificate that shows that you have received special training. There must be a certificate stating that you have not been convicted and a certificate of your registration.

“Each of the listed documents has its own expiration date, which is important to consider when preparing documents. Almost all documents can be used within a year from the date of their receipt, the main thing is that the information remains relevant: The exception is the medical certificate of a potential guardian – it is valid only for six months from the date of issue, a certificate of no criminal record is valid for a year from the date of issue ” – clarified there.

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Guardianship authorities check the living conditions of future guardians
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After all the documents are provided, representatives of the guardianship authorities check the living conditions. After that, a review is made. In the event that the review is positive, then the registration of guardianship begins. Further, the candidate for guardians becomes registered at the place of residence.

“When placing a child under guardianship, his opinion is also taken into account. If the child is already ten years old, then his written consent is required. Guardianship is issued by the relevant guardianship and guardianship authorities at the place of residence of the child. Relatives have the preferential right to be a guardian, ”the department clarified.

At the same time, those who were deprived of parental rights, who had a criminal record, criminal prosecution, cannot become guardians. An exception is if the prosecution was terminated on exonerating grounds: crimes against life and liberty. It is impossible to obtain guardianship for those who have not been able to be trained for guardianship, but other than close relatives of the children. It is also prohibited for those who are married to persons of the same sex.

“People with chronic alcoholism or drug addiction are not appointed as guardians. Persons removed from the duties of guardians, limited in parental rights, former adoptive parents, if the adoption is canceled due to their fault, as well as persons suffering from diseases in the presence of which a person cannot take a child into custody,” the press service said.

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