The American company FMR LLC increased its share in the parent structure of Yandex


The American investment company FMR LLC has increased its share in the parent structure of Yandex Yandex NV to 5.983%, follows from the placed Yandex NV documentfiled with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At the beginning of February, FMR LLC had 4.928%, notes RBC.

The deal to change the share in the capital was the first public case after the suspension of trading in Yandex shares, but investors can buy them on the over-the-counter market. Now FMR LLC owns almost 19.5 million shares of the parent structure of Yandex.

FMR LLC is a structure of the American financial corporation Fidelity Investments. Yandex NV is registered in the Netherlands.

Earlier today, on February 13, the American investment company Invesco announced a decrease in its share in Yandex to 8.3%.

Trading in securities of Yandex, as well as a number of other Russian companies, on NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange was suspended on February 28.

Maria Fedotova


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