Syrian Foreign Ministry calls US announcement of lifting sanctions ‘misleading’

US claim to suspend sanctions against Syria is not true – Damascus

The United States, by announcing the suspension of anti-Syrian sanctions for 180 days to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria, is only trying to improve its international image. This is how the Syrian Foreign Ministry commented to the Sana news agency on Washington’s statement.

Consequences of the earthquake in Syria

Consequences of the earthquake in Syria

© Valery Sharifulin/TASS

“The misleading decision of the American administration to partially and temporarily freeze some of the unilateral, coercive and deadly measures to which the Syrian people are subjected is nothing more than a repetition of previous fictitious decisions aimed at creating a false humane image”the message says.

The Foreign Ministry noted that the current US sanctions deprive Syrian hospitals of the ability to service medical equipment to treat hundreds of thousands of patients. In addition, the Americans are depriving Syria of access to national natural resources, which limits the ability of the state to help the population.

“The new US Treasury decision highlights Washington’s commitment to its illegal sanctions, so the US administration cannot deceive the Syrians and the world”the Syrian diplomats added.

It is worth noting that about 100 countries are helping Turkey cope with the consequences of the earthquake. Several states are helping Syria. Russia came to the aid of Damascus first.

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