SVR: US recruited 60 militants for terrorist attacks in Russia and CIS countries

US intelligence agencies recruited 60 militants in January and are training them in Syria to carry out terrorist attacks, according to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). It is allegedly planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia and the CIS countries. The CBP refers to “authoritative data entering the service”.

IN press release The department says that the selection of terrorists is carried out from groups affiliated with the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda (both banned in Russia). Now allegedly recruited militants are undergoing accelerated training at the American base at Al-Tanf in Syria. Particular attention, according to the SVR, “is paid to the planning of attacks on well-protected objects, including foreign diplomatic missions.”

“In the near future, it is planned to carry out the transfer of militants as part of small groups to the territory of Russia and the CIS states. They will be tasked with preparing and carrying out terrorist attacks against diplomats, civil servants, law enforcement officers and military personnel. According to the plan of the Americans, they will carry out the relevant work in cooperation with underground cells of international terrorist groups, including Hizb ut-Tahrir, Jamaat Ansarullah and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (all three are banned in the Russian Federation),” the SVR said. .

On September 5, near the entrance to the consular section of the Russian embassy in Kabul, an unknown militant set off an explosive device. As a result, six people were killed, including two Russian diplomats. The Kremlin considered the incident a terrorist attack, and the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Read more about the intensification of the activities of militants against the Russian Federation in the material “Kommersant”.


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