Sverdlovsk parents accuse kindergarten teacher of child’s illness

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Parents accuse the teacher of kindergarten No. 38 in Nizhny Tagil of their child’s illness. According to the Sverdlovsk residents, the teacher let the girl go for a walk without a diaper, which caused the child to get hypothermia.

“Bringing my daughter home, I found that my daughter was all damp and cold, as she was on a walk without a diaper and she peed all over. No one bothered to change the child’s underwear, the teachers continued to walk on the street, ”said the child’s father in the Nizhny Tagil Incident community on the VKontakte social network.

According to the man, parents bring diapers to the kindergarten on their own, but in this situation, the teacher claims that they are over and therefore the child went outside without a diaper. Later, the Sverdlovsk residents went to the hospital to see a pediatric gynecologist, where they were diagnosed with “Acute vulvitis and superficial hyperemia.”

The correspondent of URA.RU sent a request to kindergarten No. 38 and the municipal institution “Joy”, in the division of which he is a member. At the time of publication of the news, no response had been received.



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