Study: One in three would continue to live as usual in the event of war

What would the Germans do if a foreign power attacked their country? The opinion research institute YouGov has now found out that very few would fight voluntarily.

The opinion research institute YouGov has examined the reaction of the Germans in the event of war. The question of the study was what would be done in the event of a military attack on Germany. At the study by the news agency dpa was commissioned, 2,000 adults eligible to vote took part in early February.

Exactly one third said they would try as much as possible to lead their lives as usual. A quarter would leave Germany as soon as possible. Especially young people chose this option.

The "fifth column" and the "just peace" - Bundestag debate escalates after AfD motion


The “fifth column” and the “just peace” – Bundestag debate escalates after AfD motion

Only 5 percent would volunteer

Ten percent would defend the country with arms in the event of a defense. Only five percent would volunteer. People who stated that they voted for the Greens in the federal elections were slightly over-represented in this answer. Eleven percent, especially old people, would report outside of military service.

18 percent of the study participants had no opinion or did not provide any information for other reasons. The pollsters could not find a significant difference between West and East Germany.

Pacifism in Germany: A long-term trend

The YouGov study shows similar results to a global study by WIN/Gallup International from 2015. At that time, 18 percent of respondents from Germany said they would fight for their country. Only the Netherlands (15 percent) and Japan (11 percent) had lower scores.

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