Stroke survivor Nikolai Noskov disrupted his own concert in Perm

Global Look Press |  Viktor Pogontsev
Global Look Press | Viktor Pogontsev

Singer Nikolai Noskov canceled his concert, which was supposed to take place in the Perm Palace of Culture named after Soldatov. The audience complained about the behavior of the artist.

The event in Perm took place on 8 February. The audience said that they waited 35 minutes for the start of the performance, writes the local Telegram channel Zvezda. After that, it was not Noskov who appeared on the stage, but another performer who was not announced in the program. He pushed the audience to applause and said that the singer was about to appear.

An unknown artist performed several songs. Then the public was announced that the concert was interrupted due to Noskov’s poor health.

After that, the performer who was not declared in the program continued to perform. Then Noskov nevertheless appeared on the stage, and an hour and a half had passed since the beginning of the event.

According to the audience, the singer performed only two songs. The artist interrupted the third composition and left the stage.

“This is a complete disrespect for the audience by a demonstration of an artist who is not ready for public performances, who does not pronounce words well, who went on stage an hour and a half late,” one of the concert visitors was indignant.

The viewer claims that Noskov reacted to the request to continue his performance with profanity. Because of this, the fans decided that the singer was drunk.

Now concert goers are demanding a refund for their tickets. In their opinion, the organizers should have monitored the condition of the artist. Fans from Perm recalled that even after a stroke, Noskov successfully performs in other places.

“The entire presence of the artist on the stage looked like a mockery, primarily on Noskov himself,” said one of the spectators.

Recall that the singer suffered a stroke in 2017. The media wrote that the artist was paralyzed on the right side of the body.

After rehabilitation, Noskov returned to performances. At concerts, he usually sits in a chair, but at a recent performance in Yekaterinburg, he was able to briefly stand on stage.


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