State Duma deputy proposed introducing fines for greenwashing

State Duma deputy proposes to introduce punishment for greenwashing as a kind of environmental fraud Valery Seleznev (LDPR), reports the correspondent IA REGNUM February 13.

State Duma Deputy Valery Seleznev

State Duma Deputy Valery Seleznev

© ITAR-TASS/ Vyacheslav Prokofiev

“It’s time to think about introducing administrative liability for greenwashing as a kind of environmental fraud,” Seleznev believes.

The parliamentarian drew attention to the fact that a number of large companies, declaring the protection of the environment, began to introduce fees for plastic bags, that is, they took advantage of a marketing ploy.

Earlier, Wildberries announced that the packages at the points of issue will be paid, and the funds will go to environmental projects. The deputy became interested in specific projects for which a large aggregator will send money.

“If this is another manifestation of the company’s greed, you should not hide behind the ESG agenda,” Seleznev advises.

Note that greenwashing is also a deception of a consumer who is ready to overpay for environmentally friendly goods, which in fact may not be such.


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