Spring Creative Lab – spring, hackathon, BSS and new ideas for cool solutions

Spring Creative Lab - spring, hackathon, BSS and new ideas for cool solutions

11 teams competed for two days in three areas “AI in BSS”, “You know yourself, tell another”, “Technical improvements”.

The spring hackathon of BSS company – Spring Creative Lab – gave a new impetus to talented employees to show up, maintain an atmosphere of innovation, try out new technologies, form new connections in a large distributed BSS team and, finally, just have a holiday!

This time, three areas were identified, in which ideas were “generated”, layouts were developed, prototypes were created and defended before a professional jury. 11 teams entered the battle of projects for the best solution or improvement to BSS products.

Stanislav Shilov, Product Development Director of the BSS Digital Business Solutions Center and an honorary member of the Spring Cteative Lab jury, noted that all ideas are practical, utilitarian, pragmatic and very useful. “It is extremely difficult to single out something the best. I wanted to take everything at once and implement it immediately”– commented S. Shilov.

For example, the first place in the AI ​​in BSS category was taken by the project Implementing a Chatbot to Display Information from User Documentation. And in the direction of “You know yourself, tell another”, a project with an intriguing title “Cryptography for the smallest”. No less curious and quite creative was the leading project in the field of “Technical Improvements” – “Color indication in the magazine TIR”.

Among the winners are also the projects Enrichment/Preparation of Corpora for Training Models for Classification, A Bit of Engineering for an Analyst, Automatic Transfer of Defect Fixes to Support Versions of Banks. There were also special nominations for projects, ideas and their authors. In general, a whole constellation of cool teams, concepts and solutions.

Yana Baranets, Deputy Director of the Voice Digital Technologies Department at BSS, who made her debut as a member of the Spring Cteative Lab jury, wished the participants to actively use the solutions they worked on and be sure to continue to innovate in life and work. “I thank the organizers for a great opportunity: we not only exchanged ideas, we got together in such cool teams from completely different directions with completely different ideas and implement cool things!”– said Ya. Baranets.

Many bright and “groovy” activities accompanied the spring hackathon. Creation of an emblem for future hackathons with the help of AI, keyboard races, a competition for the best photo of a hackathon, lotteries among those who submitted an idea for a hackathon and those who voted for the most promising idea. There was no need to be bored – every minute counts.

Dmitry Svalov, CTO of BSS, juror and innovation ambassador, is optimistic about the results of the hackathon and the future of the proposed ideas and prototypes. He believes that such creative intellectual battles are essential for the innovative technology company that BSS is. “The hackathon helps talents to show up and develop, and the whole spirit and environment allow you to give birth to new ideas and find ways to translate them into mature solutions. Everything to be at the forefront of technological innovation.”– D. Svalov is convinced.

As a result, the event turned out to be unforgettable: tense, exciting, driving and, of course, festive. Now only forward, to the embodiment of ideas into solutions and to the next hackathon!

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