Split protest movement? Part of “Leipzig Stands Up” moves demonstrations to Wednesday

The civil protests that arose from displeasure with the restrictions on freedom during the Corona period and have increasingly turned against arms deliveries and German Ukraine policy since February last year have apparently split into three parts in Leipzig. A left-wing wing now wants to demonstrate on Wednesdays.

As the Leipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ) reported in its online edition on Sunday that some of the organizers of the “Leipzig Stands Up” protest movement have decided to move their weekly demonstrations to Wednesday, another day of the week. Behind it would be, so the LVZ, the attempt to distance oneself more from “right-wing extremist groups”. In addition, the criticism of the arms deliveries to Ukraine should now focus on another topic, while the traditional Monday demonstrations have so far focused on criticism of the restrictions on freedom in the course of the corona measures.

Slogans from Nazi collaborators ring out at peace demonstrations in Germany

Slogans from Nazi collaborators ring out at peace demonstrations in Germany

With a representative of the organizers, Anette Hofmann, led the LVZ an interview. Hofmann reports the demonstrations in downtown Leipzig as spring 2022. There were repeated counter-protests and blockades, among others organized by the “Leipzig takes place” action network, via the rt has reported.

The protest by Anette Hofmann and her comrades-in-arms was directed against restrictions on freedom and the planned compulsory vaccination in times of the corona pandemic. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the issues changed. There was criticism of dealings with Russia and Germany’s energy policy. Among other things, demonstrators demanded that the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline be opened. Posters saying “Ami go home” could also be seen. In this context, Anette Hofmann herself spoke of a murderous proxy war provoked by the USA. Germany has become a “puppet of American interests”.

According to reports, the protest movement in Leipzig split into three parts at the beginning of the year. The other parts are said to be supporters of the lateral thinking offshoot “Leipzig Movement” and the “Leipzig Citizens’ Movement”. The latter is also supported by the “Free Saxony”.

In the interview, Anette Hofmann said, among other things, that she “waited forever for protests from the left” before deciding to take action herself. She also found it strange how “Antifa” dealt with the protest taking place under classic left-wing banners:

“I wondered from the start what was going on with Antifa. They shouted that we were all Nazis and fascists. I was a volunteer in the left-wing center on Gießerstrasse in Plagwitz until March 2022. I helped in the free shop there and was also at the plenums. At some point it was said that something had to be done against lateral thinking. I didn’t even know what to do, I was completely torn. I was attached to my voluntary work and to the people there. But that’s it a topic that should unite people from my point of view: to take to the streets for peace. I’ve been waiting forever for a protest from the left.”

She was also “very shocked” by statements by Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung, who lumped all the protesters together and called them “right-wing”. rt reported on Jung’s changes and aberrations in question in the spring of last year.

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