Some Russians will increase utility bills from March 1

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Utility resources that are consumed as part of general house needs will be paid for by the meter, and if there is none, then according to average indicators in other similar houses. The Cabinet of Ministers made the relevant changes to the rules for determining standards.

“Now, everyone will have to pay for the light bulb that burns on the floor, the electricity consumed by the elevator or the water that is used to clean the entrance,” Svetlana Razvorotneva, deputy chairman of the RF State Duma committee on housing and communal services, told Parliamentary Newspaper. She warned that actual consumption may be higher than the norm, and this will lead to increased payments.

Until now, the calculation of payment for common house needs was carried out on the basis of power consumption. The changes made will make it possible to charge fees based on calculations in similar houses (located in similar climatic conditions and similar structurally).

The amount of debt of Russians for housing and communal services is growing. According to experts, debt may be caused by a decrease in real incomes of the population. Also, the attempts of unscrupulous management companies to attribute non-existent debts could have affected the growth of debt.


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