Sochi authorities want to buy stops for 1 billion 150 million rubles

On February 9, an electronic auction was published on the public procurement website, which was placed by the Sochi administration, for the provision of financial lease services, that is, leasing, for the purchase and installation of stopping pavilions on local roads in the resort.

The cost of public procurement is 1 billion 148 million 979 thousand 104.68 rubles. With this money, it is planned to install 222 stop pavilions in the same style, but with different configurations. The lease term is 60 months. That is, the cost of one stop is more than 5 million rubles. Observers are sure that this money can buy an apartment in Sochi, and two in other cities.

It is assumed that the bearing racks of the structures should be made of stainless steel, the cladding panels should be made of stainless and galvanized. The frame of the structure is made of steel pipes of the calculated section with an anti-corrosion coating, and the bench is made of a wood-polymer composite or wood. Rear and side windows made of tempered tinted anti-vandal glass triplex with a minimum thickness of 12 mm and no more than 14 mm.

The new pavilions are going to be equipped with LED lamps with a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy heatsink and protective transparent glass made of polycarbonate or acrylic, built into the ceiling. Each stop will have a hardware and software complex, which should consist of a specialized lighting control controller, a server and software. Applications for the auction are accepted until February 27.

It is also interesting that on February 8, the Sochi administration called on residents and guests of the city to take part in the voting for sketches of stop designs. It is alleged that when developing the sketches, all the wishes of the residents were taken into account – this is a darkened roof and benches that are resistant to street use. All stopping pavilions should be made in the same style, which will allow them to harmoniously fit into the architectural appearance of the resort, the Sochi municipal control center said.

However, already on February 9, the municipal order was placed on the public procurement website. Voting should last until 21:00 on February 12.
Apparently, the authorities themselves have already decided on the design of the pavilions, and the next day after the start of voting, they announced an electronic auction with a specific solution.

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