Sobchak offered the singer Slava an interview in response to criticism

Moscow Agency | Andrey Lyubimov

Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak responded to criticism from the singer Slava. The famous blonde offered an interview to her opponent.

The performer of the hit “Fellow Traveler” was outraged by Sobchak’s post, in which she stood up for the rock singer Zemfira (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia). Slava called the journalist “running along the borders.” The TV presenter reacted to this attack in social networks.

“Dear singer Slava, can you say all this in person? Weak interview in the style of Oskar Kucera and answer all these important questions?” Sobchak wrote.

Recall that in her publication Slava harshly criticized Zemfira. The singer recalled that the rock singer gave a big concert in Russia, made money on the Russians, and only after that she fled abroad. The pop artist called Zemfira and Sobchak traitors and hypocrites.


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