Small businesses will be helped not to fall out of the register of SMEs

Small businesses will be helped not to fall out of the register of SMEs

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Since 2016, there has been an open database in our country that contains information about small and medium-sized businesses. This register is maintained by the Federal Tax Service. Those included in this list have a variety of preferences: preferential loans, guaranteed business support, a smaller number of inspections by control and supervisory authorities. And everything would be fine, if there were no one problem – any participant can be automatically excluded from the register if, for some reason, they no longer meet the SME criteria. And without getting any information about it. How to reach a consensus according to the law – in the material of the “Parliamentary newspaper”.

Break the vicious circle

According to the Federal Tax Service, there are now more than six million small and medium-sized businesses in the unified register. At the same time, more than 90 percent are micro-enterprises.

Each of the participants in this list has several preferences. For example, it is easier to get a loan, in addition, it is easier for them to find suppliers, and they are less often checked by control and supervisory authorities. To get into a single database, you need to submit two documents to the tax office in time – data on the average number of employees and information on income for the previous year. But if a company fails to comply with these requirements for any reason, it is automatically excluded from the register. And without notifying you about it. And due to the lack of important information, losers involuntarily lose benefits and cannot prepare the necessary documents in a timely manner to restore the status of SMEs. It turns out a vicious circle, which a member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes urged to break Airat Farrakhov. The deputy sent official requests to the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Economic Development with a proposal to inform entrepreneurs about the exclusion from the register.

The response from the departments (the documents are at the disposal of the Parliamentary Newspaper) refers to the conceptual support for the initiative of the parliamentarian. At the same time, the Ministry of Economic Development pointed to information from the Federal Tax Service, which states that “the introduction of automatic notification of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will require additional funding from the budget” to finalize the software of the tax department.

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turn face

Airat Farrakhov told “Parliamentskaya Gazeta” that many entrepreneurs turn to him with this question. Including, speaking about cases of administrative responsibility due to information not provided on time.

Therefore, the deputy insists that the participants in the unified register must be notified in time about the exclusion from this database. In his opinion, this is important not only for small businesses, but also for the state, because because of this, the budget does not receive taxes on time. “If we say that we are turning to business, we must do so,” Farrakhov has no doubts about the correctness of his position.

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According to him, it is important that both the Ministry of Economic Development and the tax authorities conceptually support his proposal. As for additional expenses, the parliamentarian has options for resolving this side of the issue. “If the Federal Tax Service proceeded from the fact that you need to notify in writing, then this is really expensive and will require additional costs. But I think that it is much more effective to do this through the personal account of public services using electronic mailing lists, ”the parliamentarian suggested. This option will further increase the popularity of the portal, including among businessmen, the deputy believes. The initiator of the innovation assured that he would continue to work with the departments and prepare a draft law, because small business is waiting for understanding from the authorities.

“For many entrepreneurs, such innovations will be relevant,” the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy confirmed to our publication. Stanislav Naumov. He fully supports the initiative of his colleague, saying that “it is better to duplicate communication than to multiply fiscal measures.”


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