Slovakia began preparations for the transfer of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine

Ukraine has turned to Bratislava with a request for the supply of MiG-29 fighters, and now the Slovak authorities can start consultations on this topic, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger said on Friday.

“The Ukrainian president asked me to supply MiG-29s. Now, since a formal request has been received, the negotiation process can begin.” Western media quote him as saying.

Heger explained that negotiations, in particular, will go with the European Commission.

Former Minister of Defense of Slovakia Yaroslav Nagy stated that the country no longer needed MiG-29s, and that Bratislava could sell them or transfer them to Ukraine. He clarified that the authorities have not yet decided on their future fate.

The media remind that 12 Russian-made Slovak MiG-29s have not flown since the summer of 2022. Back in 2018, the Slovak government ordered F-16 fighter jets from the United States to replace them, with deliveries expected in 2024.

Earlier, Sky News, citing a source in the British Royal Air Force, said that London was ready to offer Ukraine only Typhoon fighters, which are intended for pilot training and are not used in combat operations. On the other hand, the President of France Emmanuel Macron explained that in any case, the fighters could not be delivered to Ukraine in the coming weeks. In addition, according to him, they “do not meet today’s needs” of Kyiv.

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