Singer Olga Orlova told what the late Zhanna Friske asked her in a dream

Global Look Press |  Nadezhda Lebedeva/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Nadezhda Lebedeva/Russian Look

The death of the soloist of the group “Brilliant” Zhanna Friske in June 2015 was a monstrous tragedy not only for her family members, but also for friends. As Olga Orlova, a colleague of the late singer in the musical group, admitted, she still dreams with her.

The performer of the song “And I love a married man” clarified that Friske dreamed of her twice. The first time they were together in a massage parlor.

“She was contented, happy, and says, “I’m fine.” And the second time – when she asked me to go to her parents and lie down on the bed. I went to my parents and said: “Aunt Olya, can I go lie down on Zhanka’s bed?” She says: “Go lie down,” Orlova recalled in the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”.

Another theme of the release was Friske’s desire to make Orlova the guardian of her son Plato. According to the friend of the late singer, her will was never fulfilled, because Friske did not have time to complete the necessary documents.


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