Shutdown of one of the power units of the Khmelnytsky NPP


In Ukraine, the work of one of the power units of the Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant was stopped, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported. The Ukrainian authorities explained this by “instability in the power grid due to shelling.” At the Rivne and South-Ukrainian nuclear power plants, “as a precautionary measure,” electricity generation has been reduced.

“These events were confirmed by the IAEA missions that are at the nuclear power plant, they also confirmed that all nuclear safety systems at the Khmelnytsky NPP are working properly,” the statement says. message IAEA.

In Ukraine, on February 10, an air raid alert was announced several times. In the morning, it operated throughout the country, late in the evening – in several cities and regions, including Kiev and the Kyiv region. The head of the Khmelnitsky regional military administration, Sergei Gamaly, announced an explosion in the city, part of the city was de-energized.

Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergei Naryshkin in January accused the Ukrainian authorities of storing weapons and ammunition on the territories of nuclear power plants. Kyiv denied this. The IAEA did not reveal the presence of weapons at the stations after the inspection.

Leonid Uvarchev


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