Shehnaaz Gill Questioned Shahid Kapoor Loyalty Towards His Wife Actor Reply In Desi Vibes

Desi Vibes With Shehnaaz Gill: Shahnaz Gill is also working in a chat show along with films and music videos. His chat show ‘Desi Vibes With Shehnaaz Gill’ has become quite popular in a short span of time. After Vicky Kaushal and Ayushmann Khurrana, B-Town’s charming star Shahid Kapoor appeared in the show.

Shahnaz Gill has a lot of fun with all the guests. In such a situation, how can his fun with his favorite star Shahid Kapoor fade away. Shahnaz talked many things with Shahid. Shahnaz also mentioned Shahid’s marriage in the show. The actress revealed that Shahid has broken many girls’ hearts by getting married.

Shahnaz mentioned Shahid’s marriage

Actually, we were talking about Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming web series ‘Farzi’. Shahid told that he is playing the role of Villain in this series. On this Shahnaz said that she does not believe that he is a villain because he is so handsome. He is hero. After this Shahnaz says, “Do you know how many girls’ hearts you have broken by marrying so soon.” Shahid says sorry looking at the camera. Shahnaz comments on the actor’s reaction and says, “I got scared. It was strange.” Shahid says that he has just said sorry, because he has broken his heart, but now he cannot go back, because it is too late.

Shahnaz Gill doubts Shahid’s loyalty!

After this, Shahnaz Gill compliments Shahid that he is loyal. However, Shahid feels that Shehnaaz is doubting his loyalty. Shahnaz says, “You are very loyal, aren’t you?” Shahid interrupted Shahnaz and said, “Na me bhi sawaal tha. Means you are not sure. Aren’t you loyal? Girls ask questions like this. She never asks direct questions. Shahnaz says, “Nowadays the trust in boys has been lost.” After this, it is as if there is Tu-Tu me-me between the two. Shahid even goes so far as to say that he should be in a relationship only with girls. On this, the actress says that her hormones are such that she is interested in boys.

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