Senator Vasiliev proposed creating clusters for the production of components for cars

© / Yuri StreletsConveyor of the AvtoVAZ plant in the city of Togliatti

The conveyor of the AvtoVAZ plant in the city of Togliatti - 1920, 04/10/2023

MOSCOW, April 10 – In Russia, clusters should be created for the production of components for vehicles, which will make it possible to solve problems much faster than if each enterprise would do its own thing, said Valery Vasiliev, deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on economic policy.
“Despite the unprecedented sanctions from the West, the Russian auto industry, contrary to all forecasts, continues to develop. Of course, the automotive industry has faced a number of difficulties. First of all, this concerns components,” the politician said.
According to Vasiliev, not a single country in the world today produces all the components at home. As a rule, this is cooperation at the level of companies and even states. “Therefore, the localization of all components of the car is not always logical, reasonable and profitable,” he said.
But under the conditions of sanctions, when most of the traditional suppliers of components refused to work directly with Russia, the question arises – what should we do, the legislator added. “Either replace these suppliers with new ones (here the country choice is extremely limited, and there is a risk of falling into a new” trap “), or learn how to replace the most advanced, science-intensive components and components that we have not previously produced. That is, still do our own thing” , he emphasized.
Vasiliev explained that, unlike world practice, when specialized companies are engaged in the production of components, to which automakers order the necessary components and parts, in the Russian auto industry, automakers themselves do this, which is irrational, since it is too labor-intensive and expensive.
“I believe that it would be optimal to speed up this process and create one or more large clusters that will develop complex components and produce components. This will allow concentrating the best scientific and engineering personnel in these structures and achieving the goal much faster than each enterprise would do its best. This will eventually allow, among other things, to regulate prices for finished products,” he said.
The senator stressed that the prices for new cars have recently grown significantly. So, in 2022, passenger cars increased in price by 20%, their average cost approached 2.5 million rubles. If we compare price indicators, it turns out that in comparison with 2014, the average cost of a car has increased by 2.5 times. “If, thanks to the joint efforts of the government, raw material suppliers and automakers, prices can be reduced, this will be a big breakthrough,” he said.
“In addition, there is a reason to abandon the Euro-5 environmental standard in the short term, but at the same time try not to go below the Euro-4 standard, which our partners in the Eurasian Economic Partnership (EAEU) adhere to,” Vasilyev concluded.

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