Senator Pushkov explained why Ukraine is not accepted into NATO

Election 2021 Sunday September 19, voting and counting, election night.  Perm, Alexey Pushkov, elections 2021, election night 2021

If Ukraine joins NATO, the alliance will be put on a permanent “brink of war with Russia” and will become a hostage to Kyiv’s claims. This opinion was expressed by Senator Alexei Pushkov.

“Her admission would really put the alliance on a permanent brink of war with Russia and turn NATO into a banal hostage of Ukraine’s territorial, military and other claims,” he is quoted as saying. Pushkov. According to him, Ukraine, with the help of Poland and the Baltic countries, would “suck all the juice” out of NATO. Also, due to the entry of Ukraine, the alliance would begin preparations for a big war with Russia, the senator believes.

Ukraine applied to NATO last year amid a special operation. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine would be accepted after the end of the conflict with Russia. According to him, the issue of Ukraine’s membership is not yet a priority. Ukraine is also a candidate for the European Union.


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