Seismologist Nissen explained why earthquakes in Turkey brought serious destruction

Global Look Press |  Efekan Akyuz/Keystone Press Agency
Global Look Press | Efekan Akyuz/Keystone Press Agency

The earthquakes that occurred in Turkey on February 6 were among the ten largest in the world with an epicenter on land. This was announced by professor of seismology at Victorian University Edwin Nissen.

Seismic activity in Turkey has brought so much destruction, as tremors were recorded on the continent. Stronger earthquakes sometimes occur in the ocean, but they do not become as dangerous.

“What makes them so destructive is the combination of scale and location in a densely populated part of Turkey,” the scientist told the agency. Anadolu.

The number of victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey exceeded 24 thousand people. Experts continue to search, the newspaper reports. “Petersburg Diary”.

Russian scientist Dmitry Gladkochub called anomalous seismic activity in Turkey. This is connected with the strength of subsequent shocks, writes “Reedus”.


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