Russia’s strategic goals achieved – political scientist on the situation in Ukraine


Political scientist Lu Xiang said that Russia has achieved strategic goals in a special operation

American Political Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Lu Xiang stated that the RF “formed a stable front line east of the Dnieper”, from where it can purposefully attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the western direction. At the same time, the Ukrainian military, without the support of the United States and NATO, is absolutely incapable of defending itself.

special operation

special operation

Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

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“The strategic goals of Russia have been achieved on the whole”, Lu Xiang was quoted by the Global Times.

According to the political scientist, military deliveries of effective Western weapons to Ukraine can expand the geography of the conflict between the two sides. Poland and Romania will be the first to suffer. If the conflict escalates, it will have a negative effect on the entire world community “will be 100 times more serious”than a Russian special operation.

As reported IA REGNUMthe US authorities continue to put pressure on Kyiv so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are more active in combat operations – otherwise it will be more difficult to receive assistance.


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