Russian roads will “teach” to purify the air


Russian physicist Viktor Gospodinov has developed and has already received a patent for a unique technology that could help make the air in the country much cleaner. About this week’s development informed the National Gas Vehicle Association that supports Gazprom’s environmentally friendly initiatives.

And not drivers, but the roads themselves can help reduce CO2 levels in Russian cities and regions.

Gospodinov’s idea is to include a special adsorbent in the surface layer of the roadbed. The latter “engages” in the absorption of carbon dioxide and converts it into chemical compounds that are safe for humans.

The physicist also pointed out the possibility of including an adsorbent in any type of coating. This can be done both when laying a new road, and at the stage of its repair.

Gazprom, promoting natural gas as a fuel, relies on its environmental friendliness. Some modes of transport consume liters of fuel, raising the level of CO2 in the air. As an example, the Association cited a car that “eats” up to 1600 liters of fuel per hour.

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