Russian Defense Ministry spoke about the feat of private Avivov, who knocked out two tanks in battle


Private Kirill Avivov accomplished a feat while performing combat missions in the special operation zone. The tanker knocked out two enemy tanks at once in one battle. His feat was told in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that Avivov acted as part of a tank platoon. He was tasked with breaking through the enemy defenses and supporting the advancing units of the RF Armed Forces with fire.

Despite the superior forces of the enemy, the crew of Avivov’s tank fired continuously at his positions, supporting the offensive of motorized rifles of the RF Armed Forces.

Under mortar and artillery fire, Kiril Avivov, together with the crew, covered more than ten kilometers and reached the line in time to carry out fire missions, while two enemy tanks were destroyed and enemy firing positions were broken.


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