Russian Ambassador: Kosovo issue will be resolved after Moscow’s victory in the conflict with the West


The Kosovo issue will be resolved after the end of the conflict between the collective West and Russia. Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Aleksandar Botsan-Kharchenko stated this in an interview with the Serbian news agency Beta.

According to the diplomat, European security as a whole will depend on the outcome of this conflict. At the same time, a new multipolar world order will be formed, in which the West will not play a decisive role, the ambassador said.

“The Kosovo issue will be resolved in other geopolitical conditions that will form after the end of the conflict between the collective West and Russia. In the current geopolitical conditions, a long-term solution to any open regional issues is impossible,” the Russian diplomat said, adding that Russia would undoubtedly win in the confrontation with the West, which is being waged on the territory of Ukraine.

He noted that the so-called Franco-German plan for the settlement of Kosovo, in contrast to UN Security Council resolution 1244, is not the basis for a long-term solution to the issue of Kosovo and Metohija. “This plan, like all previous ones, provides for unilateral concessions from Belgrade, primarily in terms of Kosovo’s entry into international organizations and the UN. The Franco-German plan essentially represents international recognition of Kosovo’s independence. The West openly insists that Belgrade should recognize the independence of Kosovo,” Botan-Kharchenko stated.

According to him, there is not the slightest possibility that Serbia will accept this plan, despite some media speculation.

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